We Are Wizards

The Internet has really changed the way we consume media. One of the most obvious items is music. Before most people went to the store and bought a CD. Now you can just go online and find the song on youtube, itunes, spotify, and many other sites. In the video on girl states that she found the bands information online. Harry and the Potters mentioned a wizard rock MySpace page. I do believe fan culture is big right now and it exists a lot online. There are chats, and Facebook pages for fans. Although Harry Potter is not as popular anymore there are a lot of fans of the Twilight series and The Hunger Games. Although the subject matter is different I think these fans are very similar, and all of these books and movies have a supernatural element. I found the video very interesting. I personally have never read any Harry Potter books or seen the movies but it seems like people really love the series. I also thought it was interesting that other people were benefiting/profiting off of Harry Potter. The fans in the video seem very dedicated and the way they connect with the bands is the Internet. With social media you are able to like pages and virtually follow the people you admire. There are many sites people use and each of them allows you to see something different. Before the Internet there was a lot of word of mouth and looking in the newspaper. Now you can easily search for when your favorite band will be in town. One girl in the video said that she has met all her friends through loving Harry Potter. Fan culture is more than just going to shows and reading books, it is connecting with other people who love what you love and social media makes that easy. The Internet has allowed for these subcultures to grow and flourish.

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This week we all met up to start filming. Due to our complex schedules we did not get a chance to all meet together. I met with Frankie to film the part of the video where the student is looking at the computer. We filmed in the lobby of her floor in the Easton Avenue Apartments. We did really well. We used my iphone to film. So far we just filmed Frankie on the computer. I then met with Carina to edit the film and put in the effects. Carina is really good at editing. We used imovie to edit the video and we used Creative Commons Search Engine to find the media. We were focused on getting everything together for the first draft. I also worked on the screen shot so that we could show the actual program and how to navigate the website. I don’t like the screencastomatic sign on the bottom but I don’t know if there is anything we can do about that. I love our video so far. We just need to film the part of the video where the friends are talking. We will probably use iphone headphones as a microphone to film them talking. This scene will be at the beginning and end of our video. We have gotten a lot of the pictures and sounds in but we just need to film that last scene. We want our video to be visually appealing but simple at the same time. We really want to showcase the Going Global feature. We hope this will get students thinking about working abroad and seeing what is out there. We hope to post our rough draft on the blog some time this weekend but we still have a lot of work to do.

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Week 10

Before this weeks class I did think about including pictures, video, and music in our video. I did not think about the legality of it all. I’m glad that we were provided with this website to ensure we using the proper material. I really like this search engine because it allows me to choose which website I want to use. As I said in the last post we want to have the student dream about different countries. For the Costa Rica dream I would either like to find a video of waves crashing into the beach or just a photo with beach sounds. We really want the beach to seem as amazing as possible. The whole point is to show the best of each country. For the Paris dream Carina had the idea of flashing a bunch of pictures of beautiful scenery and food from Paris while Parisian music plays. Again we want it to seem as amazing as possible. We haven’t had much experience editing so that part will be a challenge but we are still really excited. So these are the three pieces of media we may use in the video.

First is this amazing picture of the Eiffel Tower. I really like this picture because it night and it seems really beautiful and magical.

Eiffel Tower

I could not find a Parisian song on the music websites but I will keep looking. We want a Parisian song to play as the pictures pop up.

This is a video of waves crashing. The sound is a little bit loud. I think we might use the video but not the sound. I think we can find a nicer sound.

Overall the Creative Commons Search Engine was very helpful and I plan on using that website when putting together the video.

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Story Board

Me and my group had fun making our storyboard.  It was really nice to see all of our ideas come to life.  I think the storyboard really helped us to think realistically of what we can do and what we need.  As stated in class this week we do not have the equipment to shoot outside, or walk and shoot.  I think this project will challenge us to make a great video with what we have.  Our group works very well together.  We all get our work done on time and we all have great communication.  I’m very glad that I am in this group.  We also have very similar ideas and I think that will help us have a clear purpose and a great video.  We didn’t really change anything while making the storyboard we just specified exactly what the dreams would be.  We have not yet thought of a new element to include but I think while filming we might think of something. After making the storyboard I am very excited to actually film our video.  I think that if we work hard on this we will really be able to make a great video that career services can use.

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Week 9

I am happy to be in this group.  We all have the same vision for this project.  We will be making a video about the Going Global feature.  We feel like this is a feature many students know nothing about.  Our creative direction is making an informative video that is also funny.  We would like to have a student on the website looking at the different pages of the feature.  With every different country the student looks at we will have them daydream about being in that country.   We would like to make the video funny so we thought of have the person’s daydream be extremely unrealistic.  For example if the student is thinking of working in Mexico we will have the student day dreaming about being on a beach with a tropical drink.  We will have our storyboard be detailed and include everything we need to make the video.  We will decide which countries we would like to use and what jokes we will make.  We will include pictures to explain what we will be doing.  I am very glad that everyone in our group has the same ideas, and we are all very hard working.  I believe we will make a really good video.

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Week 8

I had alot of fun putting my blog together. I have been wanting to make a blog for a long time now so this was a perfect opportunity to actually do it. I spend alot of time online shopping so Im glad I now have a positive outlet to post. I had alot of fun making my header. Image editing has been my favorite thing we learned this semester. The picture I made was alot bigger but I had to make it smaller because of the header style. I was sad about this because the whole header was really nice. I made a video outlining some of this season’s staples. I included for women leggings, a jacket, and some combat boots. For men I included a pair of straight jeans, a pair of chukka boots, and a jacket. I had a lot of fun finding these staples. For the third post I decided to include some amazing sales. I understand that most people don’t have a lot of money to spend right now so I was happy to post some really trendy sale items. As I stated in my paper I’m glad to have a blog to practice what I have learned in this class.

The first time I worked in a team to complete a project was freshman year and I hated it. I have grown to learn that group projects are a part of life and I learn something new every time I work in a group. Hyde’s chapter talks a lot about the collaboration on Wikipedia. In the chapter Hyde states that Wikipedia uses a technical mechanism. He states “the technical mechanisms separates each contribution, marks it chronologically, and attributes it to a specific username or IP address”(54). I feel like a lot of my group projects in the past have been like that. More specifically when my groups have used Google docs, but I think because we have to edit a video together we will actually work together to put together.

Top 5 Blogs

I found Mary-Kate’s health fitness blog very helpful. It is very difficult to eat healthy while going to college. I wish I had read a blog like this during my freshman year because it would have been very helpful. I like that she also posted some workout videos from youtube. As college students we don’t have a lot of time but. Im sure any college student can find ten minutes in their day to do this work out or other work out videos like this. I really like the header and the background. The header is really inspirational and im sure will inspire anyone to get up and do something. http://marykatecriscuoloblog.wordpress.com/

I was intrigued by the Early Adopters blog. I don’t know a lot about current technology so I definitely know nothing about the future. I thought the post about the breathing phone charger was really interesting. It looks really uncomfortable but I I’m sure its eco friendly. I also found the second post about 3d imaging interesting. Although I’m not sure why anyone would want to take a 3d image. My favorite post was the driverless car. That is amazing to me and I’m sure will help blind people and people with other disabilities be more independent. I thought this was a really informative blog. http://earlyadoptersblog.wordpress.com/

I love to craft so I really enjoyed the Crafty Creations blog. First I love the header it is very creative and visually appealing. The first project on the blog was a pumpkin wreath. This project looks super easy and cute. It seems very simple to make but the finished product is so nice it could be store bought. I thought her coasters video was so good. I think this is the best video editing I have see from all the blogs. The pumpkin decorating post was so nice. I love glitter so much so I think that this pumpkin is very nice and I would love to do this craft. This blog is amazing and I love it. http://craftcreationsbyjen.wordpress.com/

I love to cook so of course I loved the blog Chow Down With Courtney. Her header is hilarious. I think people generally think cooking is really difficult so I really liked that the header says, “Cooking so easy a monkey could do it” I really liked the picture in the welcome post. It colors are so vibrant and the picture is visually appealing. I thought the protein pancakes recipe was interesting. I never really ate Whey protein so this was something I never saw. I learned so much from the cooking hacks video. I would definitely follow this blog. http://quartknee0x.wordpress.com/

I watch tv about 23 hours a day so I was naturally drawn to ChadSitcom Blog. I really like his header for its simplicity. I have never watched Louis CK but I lobed his character in Parks and Recreation but after reading this blog I think Im going to start watching Louis CK. I like that Chad broke down what a sitcom is. I also really liked his video it was very well edited. I really liked his use of Gifs, it made the blog funny as well. This is a blog I would go to to find new funny shows. I have also never watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia so it was interesting to read about that show. http://chadsitcoms.wordpress.com/

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Video Editing



Making the video was really fun.  I don’t like recording myself because I hate the sound of my voice but other than that it was fun.  First I found the eportfolios.  I didn’t quite understand the first three that were on ecollege, but I liked the fourth one.  I had never heard of about.me before but it’s a pretty cool website.  If I’m ever bored one day I might make one.  I really liked Sharon Phillp’s page it was really classy and professional.  I then had to fine another about.me page to compare Sharon’s to.  That was not difficult at all.  Making the screenomatic video was fairly easy.  I had used that application before and the refresher in class this week was helpful.  I actually really like that application and I will probably use it a lot from now on.  I saved the screenomatic video I made and opened it in imovie.  I ran into some issues with that.  When I opened iMovie another project was already in there so I was confused as to how to start a new project.  I just highlighted the whole old video and hit delete.  This worked but in hindsight I would have just pressed new project.  I was able to put in an introduction page and running credits easily but I had the same issue I had last week, how do I save this.  For about 5 minutes I tried everything from dragging it out onto my desktop to trying to find youtube tutorials.  Eventually I realized I could right click and it said export video using quicktime.  That took about 7 minutes.  I than had to upload it to vimeo that took about and hour.  I wish I took this class freshman year because this would have been so helpful for projects but there are many ways I can use it in the future.  I can make video training sessions rather than in person for employee development.  Im sure my supervisors will be impressed with my ability to make screen shot videos and edit them.  Overall Im glad I learned to edit videos.


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